Giant Coatings specializes in applying a Boronized surface hardening coating for clients across the globe. We also offer PTFE based polymer coatings to enhance corrosion resistance on down hole tools and pump components in many applications. Giant Coatings may be a new company, but its employees and mentors have over 100 years of industry experience combined enabling us to quickly and correctly answer questions and enquiries relating to protective coatings and specific applications.

At Giant we stress the importance of attention to detail and functionality. It is our goal to return each and every order in its fully functional state every single time. Equipped with our in-house machining capabilities along with our extensive cleaning procedures, this eliminates the need for our clients to re-work the products once they are returned, saving time and energy.

Giant maintains its exceptional quality through the quality control and traceability each and every order is subject to. Giant maintains regular records of product tests ensure the highest quality and conformance to their procedures and is able to produce a Certificate of Conformance and Function Test Reports upon request for each order and these are kept on file for future reference when required.

Giant is capable of Boronizing many different materials including 4140, 17-4PH, 300 series stainless, 400 series stainless, Ni Resist, D2 Tool Steel and various other Carbon Steels.